Sunday, June 12, 2016

Choosing the perfect touur wizardsoftware for the sales department

As you know, I worked last years in the IT department of several companies and starting last year I am employed at a Canandian real estate company from the US (it sounds a bit, weird, I know, but nowdays there are a lot of people that are purchasing properties in Canada).

Now... the funny thing in my job is that everyone believes that if I am a good server or system administrator, then I am also able to write code, to make software, to solve all the IT problems that can occur in a company, which is weird in a certain way, but it is also interesting, to have daily tasks that can animate the boring IT life.

So.. in my last weeks we had an issue with the salesand marketing departments, that were unable to use their usual software for virtual tour platforms, due to the fact that they had a problem with they service and the support was very week anyway - so we basically were in great need of a new software.

So... what we did were the following tasks:
- looked for software that were used to build real estate virtual tours
- made a shortlist
- tested all of those software solutions
- make a final list
- analise the benefits and the expenses

Finally we decided to go with, which seamed to be the most featured pack software solutions from all the solutions that we tried, they also had great support and most important than anything else, they also had a lot of marketing tools that helped us to promote our offers easier.

So... as I was telling you, the life of an IT specialist can be very interesting, as you have a lot of daily interesting tasks ;)

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